Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ponderings From a Newbie Missionary

There are a vast array of things that we are learning and feeling.  Much of it is still scrambled in my brain and I'm waiting for it to smooth out like the surface of a beautiful lake with no wind.

But there are some very important things I want you to know. 

1. We, {our family} as I've mentioned before we do not deserve to be on anyone's pedestal. We simply said yes. I do however want to put up on a pedestal the people who continually come around my little family to support us financially. We lept off a financial cliff when we decided to leave jobs and come here, trusting that God would catch us. And you my friends are the parachute that God provided.

This is seriously humbling. I tear up. Every. Single. Time. Every time that little email comes through that tells me someone gave. Someone gave up and sacrificed their hard earned money, so that my family can have a roof and food on our table. This is a huge impact on our lives and I want you to know that it is a huge part of being servants, like Christ. We are immeasurably thankful.  I want you to know how much your sacrifice means to us. I want you to really, really feel it, and believe it.  We can't be here on our own without you. Every time I wrap my arms around a child, or hug a hurting elderly woman and pray with her, your arms are wrapped around her too.  That in the next few months when we welcome 25 more starving children into the nutrition program, our smiles and shouts of welcome are your's too. God is using YOU every bit as much as He is using us.

2. The second thing I want you to know it that while the people we meet here are living in abject poverty, they are STRONG. They have dignity. May we never, ever, make anyone feel like we are poverty tourists. To be able to get up every day and fight for the survival of your family. To do what ever it takes, to ensure you have something to feed your child... that is strength. Day in and day out fighting for survival is something to be applauded, never pitied.

3. Thirdly, the people here who have been doing the work for years are my heroes. There is one woman in particular who has loved children who aren't hers for years. She listens to their stories of abuse, fills their bellies with food and goes to their rescue when they are sick and cannot get to a doctor. She is a rock for them in their storms.  She does this every day because she knows The Rock. She is so filled with God's love for her, that it spills out and over to children who are desperate for her, but more so, desperate for the God she tells them of.

4. Please believe me that God is real. Don't take my word for it, but seek Him out, ask him to make himself visible to you. Because I can tell you that He keeps coming through for us again and again and again. We don't deserve it, but He is waiting and waiting for us to choose him. To run through that open door into His arms. This kind of love is something you want!  Peace, that he will provide. Comfort for the hard days. Love for the painful days. Romans 3:21-24, Romans 5:1-11, Romans 6:18


  1. Mary, can I read part of the blog to our community group? we are meeting tonight. So happy our Savior is showing you some love. We are praying for you all. Love Sandy

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    2. Your "ponderings" are amazing, just like the 6 of you! What an awesome God we serve! Prayers and love!