Monday, December 16, 2013

So Stinkin' Cute!!

As of February 1st we will be residents of La Libertad, El Salvador!! The tickets are purchased. The job has been quit. We are really, actually, seriously, moving.

You don't get move to El Salvador in 7 weeks.
You don't get to cook for children, tutor or help to grow a church that serves the very poorest (in money).
You won't be lucky enough to visit and love on the children in the orphanage.
You won't get to embrace the women and children of La Libertad and share in their lives (in person).

We aren't moving, leaving our jobs, leaving our country, giving up our security because we are anything special or  it will make us happy.  We are going because we ARE happy.  We have the gift of Jesus Christ and that makes us happy.  Out of that, is where our decision came from. 

You won't be on that plane with us.  But you can help us. You can partner and support us. And I will diligently share stories from El Salvador.  Stories of the faithfulness of God.  Stories of hope and love and action.

One of the ways to help support us, is by clicking on the tab at the top to be a monthly or one time sponsor. 

The second way is to buy one of our new, incredibly awesome shirts!!!

Buy one or 3 or 4 today!!!  We will be so, so, so, thankful. 

And if you would like to read more about our decision to leave our jobs and move into the mission field you can read about it here: and here.

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