Friday, August 30, 2013

Things I've Mourned the Loss Of

I come from a long line of dramatic people. We are not short on the drama.  I'm not going to call out any sisters or aunts by name, but.... If your name rhymes with Darcy, Bita, Lecky, Natie or Bobrey.  You might be who I'm referring to!
I also happened to marry a man who spent the weekend (not just one observant moment) exclaiming at how good the gum he discovered is.  So our children, in case you were wondering, also not short on drama.

Layla- Overly dramatic about everything.  Happy Drama, sad drama, pouty drama.  She even has a rhyme about drama that includes a drama llama.

Donovan- Passion drama.  The boy passionately exclaims about every. thing.  Which bodes well for his future wife.

Addison- Loving drama.  She loves her family, dog and dollies with extreme sweetness overload.  She also passionately screams about the injustice of having to go to school.  Poor thing.  She has a tough life.

Isabella- Her drama is tucked deep inside until she is good and furious about something.  She keeps joy secretly hidden in her eyes and lopsided smile. Dance in the kitchen or car? No freaking way.   Fury?  Oh she lets that one out.

Point being, we are dramatic.  Do you see how I had to dramatically justify the title of this post in a very long, long, explanation?

Which brings us to my actual list of things I have mourned the loss of! First world problems. Please forget you ever read this.

1. The breaking up of N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees.  Go ahead and judge, but I bet you know all the words to their songs too.  My friend Emily and I would rebelliously listen to them in her convertible every day of the Summer.  One Direction is making me feel slightly better about life, because I love it when all of my children belt out "THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" in the car, and I pretend they are singing about me.

2. Summer.  And sleeping until 9. {sorry husband! I'm so sorry you have to get up at 5 to provide for us} 

3. The Brett Favre Green Bay Packers era.  So sad, so, so sad.  As Donovan would put it.  Football was fun then.

4. Good gum commercials.  What is it with this family and gum?  You know what was good?!!! Big Red commercials.  And Double Mint Gum commercials.  Remember those?  I still have the jingles memorized.

Come on.  "say goodbye a little longer" people.  There would be world peace if people chewed Big Red gum still.  Because they would be too busy kissing a little longer to go to war.

5. The Cosby Show.  Back when t.v. was good.  And there weren't zombies everywhere, and horrifying violence.  Just a loving family and a lot of high top sneakers.

6. $.79 Gasoline.  or $1.00 Gasoline or $2.00 Gasoline

7. These headbands
Nothing has ever held my crazy hair back better.  Plus when I took my hair out if was left with crazy looking bumps.

8. Victoria on "How I Met Your Mother." She should have been the mother. I may or may not have jumped out of my chair when Ted broke up with her and wailed "NOOOOOOooooooooo!" As if the end of the world had come.

9. My pre-pregnancy body :)

10. My very favorite pair of Express Jeans

11. There was a pair of Eddie Bauer leather shoes that I saved and saved for.  All of my friends had them about 9 months before I saved enough money.  You know the big thick, ones that weighed 20 pounds each.  I wore those things everywhere until one fateful day when they were left in a damp basement over the Summer and they got all moldy. Similar to the ones pictured, but with a one inch heel all the way around.  It was such a sad day when they went to their trash can grave.
Your turn!  Tell me what you miss and or lost.

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