Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Little Moments of Joy

Sometimes it feels like it just won't be possible to smile again. There is just too much cancer in the world.  There are too many people out to hurt innocent lives. Too much hatred.  Too many children dying of preventable causes, alone in streets.

When my world gets all topsy turvy, and things happen that I just cannot make sense of, the very little moments in life lift me.
A hug from my grandparents, whom I didn't even realize how desperately I missed.
Laughter in a little Honda Civic with my aunt and sisters.
Breathtaking mountains.
A late Sunday evening chat in a living room.

As Ann Voskamp always says, it is the gratitude for the little gifts that bring healing. The smallest of gifts help us to turn our weary eyes upward, to the Father who gave them. Who coninually shows His love to us, even when this broken world hurts us.

When I got home from a very hard {emotionally, mentally, physically} 6 day trip, and discovered that my family had a surprise for me, a gift of joy, on the wings of music.... well I was yet again brought to tears.  But the good kind of tears, tears that would cleanse and breathe renewal into me.

This is one of my 1000 gifts.  May it bring a smile to your day, as it did mine..... that I've since watched about 23 times.

A Holy Experience
**** Thank you to all who prayed for Stacey as she fought her cancer.  She is reunited with her Savior and two of her babies, rejoicing and pain free in Heaven.  Your kind words and prayers were such a gift, and I know that her husband Jacob and their 5 children can still use your prayer support as they move into a new future without her.

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  1. Oh my goodness, friend!!! That was the sweetest, cutest video ever!!!

    Donovan is just too cute but your girls, Mari they are beautiful and just radiate God's joy.

    Hugs and prayers!