Friday, March 22, 2013

Inst-Friday and a Fundraiser

Hey there!  Who else is so awfully relieved that it is Friday?  We made it through a week of school without police involvement, tantrums, bullies or illness!!!  That is something to celebrate. 
I'm linking up for Inst-Friday with Jeannett, {I'm Marijmarks if you want to follow on Instagram}  but I have a matter heavy on my heart first.

My sweet friend Michelle and her husband Mike are trying to raise the remaining adoption funds to bring their 12 year old son home from Latvia.  He was able to visit over Christmas with New Horizons hosting program, and they miss him so much!  It is vital that he come to the U.S. as soon as possible because he has cerebral palsy and needs surgery on his legs yesterday.
Adoption is expensive.  But if everyone, gave a little there wouldn't be any more lonely children. I've known Mike and Michelle for years and I cannot say enough about their hearts for following Jesus and obeying when it doesn't even make sense.  Mike is a 5th grade teacher at my daughters' school.  He chooses to stay in a low income school district, when there are better jobs at better schools. And Michelle stays at home to take care of their 3 daughters.  I love this family and I love that they have chosen to obey God and adopt, even when it seems impossible for their family.  So please join with me in supporting their adoption and give.  We cannot rescue every one of the 160 million orphans.  But we can help this one boy.  This one boy who is sitting, waiting in Eastern Europe for someone to love him and give him a family.  Every penny counts and matters to them.  I know they will rejoice the same over $1 as they will over $100. This donate link goes directly to a secure PayPal account.

And now for our week:
St. Patrick's Day was so fun.  Did you know he was a missionary?  We taught our kids the real reason to celebrate him, and then got into some fun and legend of Ireland with "Darby O'Gill and the Little People," leprechaun traps, rainbow cake and it. was. a. blast.  I hope my kids will remember our little traditions when they are grown.

I sent D to the construction site to get a job.  He grows out of pants too fast, and Alex won't let me pass down the big sisters' clothes to him.

Reading "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" at bedtime under the dining room fort.  Love these memories.

We had to get new glasses for the big sister so I took the chance to try on some new glasses.  Lovely right? Well, I'm off to the grocery store to get ready for an 8 year old sleep over.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who was praying for Layla this week.  We felt it for sure, and she (so far) hasn't been bullied at all this week!!  Praise God. 

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  1. Loving your St. Patrick's Day celebration! So fun and magical for your kids!

  2. We read last year that St. Patrick was a missionary and pushed that aspect with all the fun stuff. I don't know if your kids read the Magic Tree house books but my grandmunchkins love them. We read one on Ireland and leprechauns.
    Praying for the family waiting and that the dinner is a huge success. God works in ways we don't plan. We sold our stock and it was the exact amount needed for adoption costs.