Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Dishes on Pinterest

My Pinterest boards are pretty full.  I've never really liked magazines, at my house they wind up torn, bent or someone spills a drink on a table where they are sitting, and then I have to scrape magazine pages off the table.  But I love Pinterest.  I've never been a terribly creative person. But I love to make things..... following other people's directions, and then usually altering them.  I could be on a commercial for Pinterest.

The trouble is that there are millions of pins out there, and I'm often left wondering if the recipe really is delicious.  If the craft is in fact simple to put together.  If the paint color actually looks good on the wall.  So, here are my favorite recipes from Pinterest, that I have actually made and not just pinned because they are pretty pictures!  These recipes get the Marks Family seal of approval, from all 6 of us.


Source: via Mari on Pinterest

Sausage Squares. So, so good.  I've made these and then altered them to fit my mood.  I've done a variety with scrambled eggs tossed in, pizza style with some sauce and pepperoni, cheeseburger style with ground beef, cheddar and tomato.  And I have a spinach-chicken-artichoke theme in mind to try.

My family has never liked the home made mac n' cheese I've made.  And I've tried out a lot of recipes on them.  But this one was a definite winner.  It will make you rethink ever buying boxed mac n' cheese with neon orange cheese powder.

My kids LOVE this Pizza roll and request it frequently.  You can change it up any way you want with your favorite pizza toppings.

This is my favorite Potato Soup.  I've been making my own for a long time but it is rather... well... deliciously happy and fattening!  This one is delicious and as an added bonus sneaks uber healthy cauliflower into my children without them noticing.

This. This is so good. Make it today.  You will thank me later.

Simple. Easy. Quick.  I subsitute the egg noodles with a whole wheat pasta, you know, to off set the tons of cheese and sausage and pepperoni ;)

I was pretty sceptical about a title called "Perfect Chicken" but since I've never managed to time my chicken perfectly I was willing to try.  And this method of cooking chicken definitely delivered.  It did come out perfectly and and juicy.  I'm a believer now.

I can't allow myself to make this one very often.  Its heaven for me.  I can eat the entire thing by myself.

I'm going to issue a warning about these brownie bites.  If you like Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, these are 562,000 times better. Addictive, irresistable and fuh-get-about-it if you should happen to eat one or 6 while they are still warm.

I have made a ton more recipes that I've found on Pinterest, but that is probably enough for today  I'm Mari Marks if you want to follow my boards. 

What pins have you tried and loved?

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