Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting Organized

I'm hosting a 31 Gifts party.  This isn't any ordinary party.  My good friend Christy Samms (She's in my village) commits a portion of every sale to fight Human Trafficking.  That's so cool to me.  In a day when every penny matters to most families, she is giving some of her income to the redemption and recovery of victims of sex-trafficking.  Awesome. 
So place an order through this link: www.mythirtyone.com/christysamms and select Mari Marks Party, and you can fight sex trafficking too.  Plus, you get to make your life a little more organized in the process.  :-)

The Special for January is awesome!  For every $31 you spend you get an item for the new "Your Way" Collection 50% off!!

The Hang Up Home Organizer is my favorite.  In the new Spring print "Party Punch."

I also really love the new tablet covers.

And how great would these baskets be for knitting and/or crocheting?

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