Monday, June 25, 2012

Life Cheats Sometimes

Someday he's not going to insist on wearing his train pajamas.
He's not going to sneak into my room {after I've already tucked him in his bed} and fall asleep while we are downstairs.
He's not going to sleep more soundly with his hand on my neck or our foreheads touching.
He's not going to subconciously roll and curl into my body when he feels me move away.
I'm guessing that will be a matter of embarrassment in a few years when he's taller than me and he has his buddies over to play ball.  
But right now, the closer he can get, the better.
I'm going to listen to every deep, slow breath. I'm not going to close my eyes until I have studied every eyelash and curve of his cheek and memorized it.
I'm going to watch him suck on his tongue with his little pink lips moving up and down, just like he has since he was born.
And in his sleep, as he pulls his blanket closer to his face, that's where peace is for me.
Because sometimes life cheats you out of these moments with your children. Life cheats, so these moments with these children become a million, zillion times more important.
So when he crawls into my bed, and the wise Dad, {who knows in a few hours the little one's feet will be kicking our noses in} asks me if I want him to carry D back to bed or if I'm going to do it.... the answer will always be, "Not yet."

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