Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2- News Worthy News

In case you missed it, yesterday I ranted a bit about what we are presented with as news from our major news carriers.  I'm tired of having the internet and National news inundated by socialite DUI's and divorces.  So I'm embarking on giving to you, News Worthy News. Stories of real import. Join me.  Read real accounts.  Share real accounts.

Yet again today, we have Kim K. as the front headliner on Yahoo News for attending a red carpet soon after her split.  So, I went to and did some digging for something important.  And what did I find on their home page as a leading story?  How Paris Hilton became famous for being famous.... Not only that, but on The Today Show, the headlining story was Matt Lauer interviewing Kris Jenner.... ok enough of that.

I had to do 3 or 4 page and subtitle clicks, but I did eventually get to this important piece of news.

The "Lord's Resistance Army," {in no way affiliated with the real Lord} and it's leader Joseph Kony are finally going to be held accountable for their decades of terror in Africa.  Hopefully.  President Obama is dispatching troops of special forces to help the Ugandan and Central African governments find him, his fellow comrades, and put them on trial for his horrific crimes.  Here is the article.

p.s. Dear CNN, this should have been listed way above an article about how Paris Hilton got famous.

Did you read any real news today?

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  1. So I read that article too! And a whole of other not so news worthy news.