Monday, March 7, 2011

To Jump or Not to Jump

He stands at the very top of the stairs waiting.  Does a few quick squats while he decides.  Is today going to be the day?  Will this be the time where he can jump off that step into my waiting arms without first feeling Mommy's hands under his arms?  Will he jump without the security of touch? 

{this is not the spot from which I encouraged him to jump, I do encourage safety}

He has complete faith in me.  I've never dropped him.  But his fear of heights and stairs keeps him from the comfort of my arms.  Without the physical presence of my hands on his waist, he does not want to jump.  But if he did.  If he jumped with his little footie pajamaed feet, into my waiting arms, he just might find that it is quite a thrill.  A little adrenaline rush.  I'm sure that we would smile and laugh after the leap.  I'm sure he would want to do it again. 

How many times do I do that to God?  He's never given me reason to think that he won't catch me.  That we won't have the time of our lives if I would just jump.  But will I?

What keeps you from jumping?  Is there a "jump"  that you really want to attempt, but fear is holding you back?

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  1. so glad I stopped by to see this post. 2 Timothy 1:7 is a verse our fam is memorizing right now. so good. God did NOT give us a spirit of fear....and I've been realizing so often lately that fear, a type I didn't recognize before, holds me back from a lot! thanks for sharing this :) and thanks for playing Giveaway Wed! :)