Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cold Hard Facts...

.....about me.  The interesting, and the not so.

1. Mom to 5.  One I just won't see until I draw my last breath and I anticipate that day! But I do have one precious ultrasound photo of him that a kind hearted OB graciously gave me in a moment of divine grace to a devastated woman and her husband.  (That was a really long sentence)
2. I don't sew.  I don't scrapbook.  I don't take quality photos.  I don't decorate well.  But I would love to have the ability!
3. Within moments of getting out of the shower I have to dry my ears.  Inner, lobes, behind them.  I can't focus on anything until my ears are dry.  There are times, too many to count, where I have jumped out of  bed at night and exclaimed to my poor husband, "I FORGOT TO DRY MY EARS!!"  like the world is about to end or there's a robber in the house.
4. I keep forgetting that I HATE having bangs.  Then I cut them, because I get bored.  Only to remember, horrified later that I can't stand to have hair touching and tickling my forehead.
5.  I'm considerate of others.  Just am.  Not bragging.  I just am.  I like to be nice. Which leads to number 6.
6. I hate it when people are rude or unkind.  There's no sense in it.  I get all riled up when someone I care about is treated unjustly and have been known to cry my eyes out if it happens to me.
7.  I detest fads.  Fad diets, fad toys, fad coffee, fad purses.  I rebel against it and refuse to be a part of it.  If you want to enjoy something, enjoy it.  But do not get freaking OBSESSED about it.  Its irritating, and I don't want to hear about it. 
8.  So poor when I was little that we made finger nail polish out of markers and glue.
9. Have been on my wonderful adventures with my husband including hanging out at Catherine Hepburn's estate, stayed at the Four Season's in Philadelphia, saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, watched a taping of the Today Show in NYC.... the list goes on and on.  We have fun together.
10. I have a tendency to overflow jacuzzi bathtubs in hotels.  And everytime I am shocked that I did it again.
11.  This is me and my sister Aubrey.  She is all of the crafty that I am not.  She is also my bestie.  We are forced to be friends from afar as we live in different states.
12.  My son and I dance to a  Flo Rida song almost every day in the kitchen.  Totally inappropriate lyrics and someday I will stop doing it, but if you have ever seen a baby break out in some rockin' dance moves, to only ONE song, you understand the need to repeat that "cutest thing in the world behaviour."  At least its not "Baby Got Back" like in that one Friends episode.  See, it could be worse.
13. This is my other BFF.  My big sister Katie.  She rocks.  She is probably the most supportive person I've ever know.  Also long-distance, but we make it work.
14. I would love to write a book. Maybe someday.  I just don't know if I have enough thoughts to fill one up.
15. I have delusions of grandeur.  To be a famous actress, country music star, to be Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel, best selling author.  Oh yeah.  Its no joke.     

And you?  Give me one random fact about you.  Lets get to know each other.


  1. This was a lot of fun to read! It is nice to have such close family, isn't it!

  2. OH..forgot the one fact about me that not many people know...

    Probably would be that I actually have a hard time forgiving most people who have wrogned me in the past. I let the past lay on my subconcious too long, yet up front I act like whatever that person did is forgotten.

  3. I feel very fortunate to have such great sisters as my best friends also!

    You already know everything about me so I'll make something up: I have an alter ego Vanessa. She is daring, confident, & (say this next part with a Jamaican accent-it doesn't sound so naughty) a bad-ass muddah who don't take no crap from nobody! (from Cool Runnings! I occasionally have to sike myself up for a task by repeating this into a mirror just like the movie!)

  4. Note****We were not too poor for nail polish. If you remember, we were forbidden from using it so we made our own in secret that we could peel off in a moment's notice if dad walked in the bedroom!

  5. Yes, it was secret. But I'm pretty sure if there was barely money for food that there was none available for something as frivolous as nail polish! Did you sneak makeup at school as well?? I was a very obedient daughter ;)

  6. Mari I don't always have time to comment or even read your blog but when I do it is always such a delight! Fact about me, I am a really ugly crier! Blubber like a slobbery baby! Not at all a pretty site. :)

  7. First of all, I think you DO take awesome pictures. I have actually thought that very often. Random fact about me...I weigh more than my husband and cannot fit into any of his clothes. I will be a bit self conscious of this for the rest of my life :-)