Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Lovin'

You may have noticed the distinct lack of posts this Summer.  It turns out that I have been so busy soaking up every bit of my children that I possibly can.  And that does not leave a whole lot of time for being on the computer.  Oh well.  But so that I don't forget and so that you can take a nibble of the wonder of our time together... here is a little recap.
There has been ballet recital magic

There have been many, many chalk masterpieces

And speaking of joy... I got to spend a very few glorious hours with my mom...I love you Mom... seriously, who couldn't love a woman with a smile like that?!

I also got to see and hug all to briefly... my grandparents, whom I adore!

I'm treading on the waters of my brother's wedding post, so this one of my other beloved grandparents will be the last.  That's who I want to be when I grow up.  {not my sweet baby niece, the other two}

There has been swimming

There has been so many fun things.... little things.  We haven't been on a big vacation yet, although its in the works!  But that doesn't matter because the Summer of a mom and her kids is made up of little things that you treasure and enjoy.  There is just a whole lot of:
* playing with your brother and sisters for hours and hours and days and days
* reading programs at the library
*smooshing ourselves together on the couch to read the hysterical tales of Ramona, Beezus and Henry Huggins
*Watching a baby boy learn to run and I'm quite sure we will not stop marveling at the cuteness any time soon
*Forts under my baby grand piano
*Taking naps with your daughters
But most of all there is just a whole lot of being with each other and loving every minute of it.  {Ok, maybe not every minute, my kids do squabble occasionally... and its pretty annoying}

Yes, they choose to sit in the seats next to each other instead of each on a window

We may not do big things, but we honestly love the little moments

So, from me to you.... Happy Summer!  Enjoy your little moments, I certainly am.


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