Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Tale of Two Dumdums

It is a sad, sad tale for the ages.  A dumdum that is not good enough.  Not loved.  Nay, abandoned and left in humiliation. 

Its happened to the best of us.  Everyone has had a moment when they have felt like they just don't measure up.  Like you just aren't colorful enough, funny enough, desirable enough.  Like your brother or sister is the Chosen One because they are always the first to go, first one picked.  They are exciting, and colorful and a beautiful sight to behold.  This poor fella is one of them.  You should have seen the look of disgust its 18 month old owner gave it as it was unwrapped and revealed it's true colors to be.... well.... not colorful at all.  To be left to the fate of not getting even a single lick, not like it's brothers in rainbow colors.  After all, everyone likes them better.  Everyone that is..... but Mom.  The expression "someone only a mom could love" is so true.

Isn't it wonderful that God is much like a mother that loves us all her children the same.  He loves all of us dumdums the same no matter how pretty or exciting our colors are.  And he always looks on us like we are ALL "the orange one!"



  1. Love this post Mari! Has to be one of my favorites of blog posts.

  2. Yep, we are all lucky to be the orange ones! Great post, and super great picture of Donovan!