Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dental Heaven

I will freely admit that to write about my oral health could be construed as a bit eccentric.  Can a 27 year old woman be considered eccentric?  Ok, so dental heaven may be a little over the top. I may be writing a post that most will find as absolutely ludicrous. "Why Mari would we want to read about your oral hygiene?" Well, maybe you don't. But this is my party and I'll write what I want to.

For 27 long years I have not enjoyed brushing my teeth. Seriously. I do it. Regularly.  Dutifully.  I've never had a cavity. However, I've never enjoyed doing so. It was an irritating daily task that I simply put up with.
I preach the importance it to my kids.  In fact in all of my pregnancies it literally made me vomit to do so.  It was simply a matter of not liking my toothbrush.  Not liking my tooth paste.  Many, many, many types have been carefully tested, tried and rejected  (although my frugality does not allow me to throw anything out until I've finished it no matter how unpleasant).  I've tried just about every variety, brand and flavor of paste.  I've tried almost every toothbrush, including electric.  Not one ever game me that amazing satisfaction that you see on the commercials.

Until last week.  Not only did I discover paste heaven, but yes, in the very same week discovered brush heaven.  Yep, love at first brush.  The toothpaste was the perfect combination of mint-flavor, strength and foaminess.  Don't you just hate it when it doesn't fizz and foam???  Am I the only one???  And the brush.... oh my.  Not too hard, too soft, too small, too big.... No annoying handle.  Not only did it have the perfect bristles, but as you brush the inside of your cheeks and gums get the most delightful yet gentle scrubbing from the back of the brush head, also a tongue scrubber.  The handle has a wonderful little rubber gripper and it comes in a lovely shade of yellow and orange!

Here it is, my lifelong search is over.  I now look forward to brushing my teeth!

I am not being compensated, coerced, or requested to say any of these things.  It all comes from my own neurosis about tooth brushes and tooth paste.


  1. It is not neurosis. Everyone has their own perfect little quirk. That's what makes us unique. Now, I recommend you get in your car, go immediately to the store, and purchase enough to last the rest of your life. Because, now that you have found this - you just KNOW that they are going to mess with it, change it, or stop making it! :-)

  2. I have that tooth brush! And too bad I just bought tooth paste YESTERDAY. I would've tried it! :)

  3. Yeah, what Christina said! They have engineers in their research and development dept that their sole job is to make things better and have a change so people keep buying. Ask me how I know? I worked for Nike. We had a whole department. I'd find THE shoes and couldn't find them again!

  4. Alright then Auntie Mame...

  5. I actually don't enjoy that paste or brush. I only like Closeup & my crest spin brush. And you know I am neurotic about my brushing!