Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I Know For Sure Part 2

This kid is seriously cute.  Her sweet voice, her terrible grammar, her cartoon eyes that fill up halfway with tears (you seriously look for Bugs Bunny to go rowing a boat across), her tiny hands and the faces she makes. Addison is the first bite of your all time favorite pizza that when you think of it you immediately start salivating and when that first bite enters your mouth you just have to close your eyes and savor it for a bit.

These girls are fantastic sisters who got to enjoy a childhood right of passage this weekend--- An orange sherbet push pop!

This Daddy and daughter LOVE each other. They complete each other in a very Jerry Maguire way. And last week he accompanied her on her Kindergarten Zoo field trip. She will remember that forever... and I'm certain he will too. As she got on the bus she says to her Daddy, "Who ever knew buses were so cheese-ish yellow?" Oh yeah, that's my girl. The workings of her it.
Speaking of Daddy-Child pairs, check out this one!  Oh my.  I have a very attractive husband.  He is the reason the word "swoon" came to be.  But the times when I am most likely to grab him and plant a kiss on him is when I catch moments like this one:

I know that school carnivals are another childhood right of passage.  Every child should get to experience the wonder of cotton candy, cake walks, popcorn, duck ponds, winning tickets and a new one to me.... throwing plastic bananas into a gorilla's mouth!

Hotdogs taste yummier here

Snow cones are magical here

Tattoos are actually cool here

I also know that this Summer I will have a glorious vegetable garden.  We planted in out side yard this year to avoid the destruction from wayward basketballs, big blue bouncy balls, 18 month old toddling feet that don't understand the concept of a garden path and fantastic games of tag that get a little out of hand.  And there are few things better than planting with your children, teaching them the wonder of growing things, allowing them to pick and eat fruits and vegetables as they spend their Summer days outside and know that they are choosing to eat healthy things because they helped grow it.

I know that these memories of theirs, playing in the sprinkler together on a toasty Sunday evening will remain in my head forever.

I know that these daughters of mine think that silver sequins transform them into professional dancers, here is a preview of what they will look like for their dance recital next month:

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