Monday, May 10, 2010

El Salvador

I have been planning for more than 8 months to go with my church, (Church of the Open Door) to La Libertad, El Salvador this Summer.  They were hard hit by flooding and mud slides last Fall.  Through the support of our church a new clinic has been built and a nutrition center where the people in the village can come and get a healthy, hot meal at least once a day.  Can you imagine only getting one meal a day, and only because of the support of missionaries?  We are very excited to be opening a clinic that will be staffed by full time doctors and nurses, a children's center where the kids can learn, be taught about computers and also have an opportunity to learn English and about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  I will be traveling with a group in June.  Previously I was going in July, but due to unforseen circumstances the trip has been moved to June.  I am extremely torn about it now because the day of departure is not only Alex's birthday but also the very first ballet recital for all three of my daughters.  If you are a mother, you can imagine the difficulty of missing that!  However, as my older sister so kindly pointed out: "There will be more ballet recitals, Alex can video tape, he will have more birthdays, and you can't miss a week long trip that God has been calling you to do for a 3 minute dance!"  So, onward I will go.... and try not to be sad about it.  I know that I have been longing to go on short term missions for many, many years.  I finally have the opportunity.  No one ever said there wouldn't be sacrifices to make.  In fact, that is exactly what Jesus' disciples did.  They left their homes, families, jobs, and  money, all to follow their Saviour.  I can miss one ballet recital.  So please, if you would like to help me get to El Salvador to help cook and teach and care for the children of La Libertad, please click on the ChipIn link to the side to contribute securely by PayPal.  I will forever be greatful.

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