Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Feet and Bath Time

I have been so stressed out with school lately that I needed to come up for air, give my little ones a nice long bath where I actually played with them

Spent time inhaling their fresh sweet smell after, and cuddled up and read books when we were all done, and remember who I am going to school for.
Its for their future. Yes, I need to finish what I started 7 years ago for me too, but ultimately I am taking time away right now so that in a few years I can contribute to my children's education and teach them the importance of that.

This moment in time however, it was just me, Addison and Donovan relishing in the bubbles and each other.

As I know from my older girls these times go so quickly and out of reach so for today, homework can wait. I'm off to go cook some lunch with Gussy Goose and pull up her pants for the hundredth time!

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