Saturday, September 12, 2009

Before I forget I need to tell this little story from this evening. After dinner we all rode our bikes to the ice cream shop. On the way home I was behind Layla and at one point said to her as she was peddling very slowly, "Pedal faster bobarooney." Why that particular goofy name came out I'm not sure, but this was my Layla's response. "Hey! I'm not Bobarooney! I'm not even Bob." And this is why I could never be without my Layla. She is 5 years old and at a very young age developed a sense of humor. She can be sarcastic, she can say silly things on purpose and by accident to make us laugh, she tries to trick us (in a funny way, not naughty), she is my "Miss Personality". Here is another example from a few weeks ago when we were on another bike ride, at a park where the trail was 6 miles total. Which is a lot for my girls.

Alex about 3/4 of the way through pulls up by Layla and asks her how she's doing.
Layla: "Well God is ok, but Jesus IS DONE!!"
Alex: "What are you talking about you goof?"
Layla: "Daddy, those are my leg's names, this one is God and this one is Jesus, and it is DONE!" (said like she couldn't believe he even needed to ask for clarification)

Yep, that's my Layla.


  1. Haha!! What a funny girl - I love it!!! Oh man, I love the things that come out of my boys' mouths some times! Priceless!

  2. Oh my goodness! Jeremy and I laughed so hard!