Friday, May 15, 2009

April and May

I haven't been around much to comment or update do to my large family. Here's what the last month has looked like.

*soccer practices
*doctor appointments- Donovan is 4 months old and 12 pounds (he's a skinny little thing) but 26 inches long
*soccer games
*never ending trips to grocery stores
*shuttling girls to and from school 3 times a day
*school conference
*permission slips and t-shirts for Izzy's first major field trip to the zoo
*being a single mom for much of the last 12 weeks because Alex had 12 business trips in those twelve weeks and was gone from 1-5 nights every time.
*I went to Oregon
*Movie with friend
*Get together with friends
*Easter festivities
*Last weekend we all went to Minneapolis to visit my sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers in law etc.

This week-
Monday- drove all day home from MN got back at 2 AM
Tuesday-Grocery shopping
Wednesday- Layla's 5th birthday
Thursday- Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, Layla school conference, another grocery trip
Friday- More cleaning, Alex going to movie with friend, so I'm going it alone for the night.... again. Its ok, because I owe him, making english toffee
Saturday- planting flowers in the town square
soccer game
family get together at our house for Layla's birthday (so some cooking involved obviously)
Sunday- Church
birthday party for Layla with school friends

And in the midst of all of this are countless meals, naps, breastfeeding, snacks, breastfeeding, diapers, feeding, diapers, feeding, diapers, feeding, diapers.....

So that's where I've been. I miss you all, please forgive the lack of comments.

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