Saturday, October 11, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

1. I dream of being a famous singer. I don't have the extreme talent it would take for anyone to want to hear me, but its my dream....

2. I LOVE to bake. I wish I had all the money I could possible want to spend tons on great ingredients and different baking pans etc. I'm going to make pumpkin rolls for gifts to Alex's family this year.

3. Reading is my vice. When I was little I would get grounded from reading, because I was reading under the covers at night. I have to read a book all the way thru. I can't take weeks or even days to read it, I have to know what happens right now.

4. My perfect job ever would be dolphin trainer. Alex payed for me to swim with dolphins at Sea World while we were dating and it is still one of my top 10 moments in my life. One of the dolphins really liked me, and wouldn't come to any of the other swimmers. His name was Porter.

5. The very best thing to wear is a brand new, never worn pair of socks. The very best thing to relax is getting into a bed with very fresh clean sheets, nice and tight right after taking a shower. comfy.

6. ....number 6 is a secret.....but its the first thing that came to my head...

7. Does anyone remember the cartoon Pound Puppies or Wuzzles? They were my favorite when I was little. Along with Rainbow Bright.


  1. You have good ones! I totally agree with #5 and #6 is so not fair!

  2. Hey! We're like 1/2 twins - I would be able to write #1, #3 (at least it used to be that way), #5, and #7! I loved Pound Puppies and Wuzzles!!